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$15,000 Porta-Potties Are Way Nicer Than Your Bathroom



    The Dos and Don'ts of Good Sleep

    These aren't the green closets of horrors you see at concerts and the like. Instead, each one of these $15,000 porta-potties is the size of a trailer, and comes complete with urinals, stalls, fully working sinks with hot water, and even a stereo system to pipe in some tunes.

    The toilets are even porcelain and everything. It looks more like the kind of setup you'd see at a hotel, not at a wedding. Well, unless that wedding is for Chelea Clinton — then it all starts to make sense.

    The Clintons are said to be getting between four and six of the trailer-sized bathrooms for the event, with the rental costs coming to somewhere around $15,000.

    TMZ, via Gizmodo

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