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1960 Market Goes to Trial



    1960 Market Goes to Trial
    Before the new 1960 Market St. can become a reality it must go to court.

    A word or two on 1960 Market St, the glassy flashpoint on Market and Buchanan, before it heads to its scheduled tribunal this evening. First, city planning staff's recommendation is a solid slapping-glove whack on the appeal of the project. Second, it's U-shaped.

    Bet you didn't know that. According to the Bay Area Reporter, the 85-foot, 115-unit project is backed by local developer Brian Spiers, who's forwarding a couple changes in the hopes of appeasing the angry villagers. Among them: less parking (it'll all be undeground), more car share spots (one to six), and all affordable units on site, rather than shuffled off elsewhere.

    Note, of course, that none of these things in particular address the cries of neighbors who fear losing light, views, and sun. Those complaints will no doubt get their time tonight in front of the Planning Commission. Stay tuned...

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