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Amphibious Tours Cancelled After Accident

Two tourists from Hungary missing in Philadelphia



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    Ashleigh Nushawg
    The company which operates amphibious tours of San Francisco Bay has stopped service after an accident in Philadelphia.

    An accident that may have claimed the lives of two tourists in Philadelphia has shut down the operations of Ride The Ducks nationwide, including San Francisco

    The amphibious vehicle is a common site in the North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf neighborhoods where it takes tourists around town and on the water.

    However, a breakdown while on the Delaware River that separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey left one adrift.

    It was hit by a barge and sunk, putting all 37 on board in the water.

    35 were rescued, however two young tourists from Hungary are still missing.

    Divers were unable to search due to limited visibility at the river bottom where the vehicle remains.

    Jackson West hopes the missing tourists are found.