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Bolinas Bar, Possibly Oldest in Marin, For Sale



    Bolinas Bar, Possibly Oldest in Marin, For Sale
    Brian Bostrom
    Smiley's Schooner Saloon in Bolinas doesn't quite resemble this Old West image, but the bar is still one of Marin County's oldest continuously-operating businesses -- if not the oldest.

    It's easy to find where the counterculture, bohemian burgh of Bolinas is these days -- the locals still notoriously rip down the sign for the turnoff towards town on Highway 1, but GPS and other devices mean the town is easy to find. As is the Bolinas saloon that is, we're told, the oldest business in Marin County -- and is up for the taking for the sale price of $2 million.

    Smiley's Schooner Saloon opened 160 years ago in downtown Bolinas, according to the Marin Independent Journal. The owner, Don Deane, former publisher of the Coastal Post newspaper, is selling the bar to focus on the campground he operates in Yuba County, the newspaper reported. Deane, 68, has owned the bar since 1990, which he says has run at a small loss since the recession began.
    The business also includes an apartment above the bar and six bungalow hotel rooms in the back, according to the newspaper. In addition to libations, the saloon serves lunch and dinner and hosts live music, the newspaper reported.