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CitiApartments Goes to New Lengths to Anger Renters

Renter says troubled San Francisco landlord is bouncing deposit checks



    CitiApartments Goes to New Lengths to Anger Renters
    CitiApartments in San Francisco is facing foreclosure on several of its properties and is now bouncing deposit checks.

    The sordid CitiApartments tales do not stop.

    The latest chapter in the ongoing saga has the management company finally returning those security deposits they were once too broke (so they said) to return.

    Except, at least in this one case, the check bounced. A fuming renter contacted SF Appeal to share the story of the bouncing check and the drama a renter has to go through to get his or her money back from CitiApartments.

    The renter was finally able to extract another check from CityApartments but with a catch. The landlord asked the renter to wait a few hours before depositing the check because the funds were still being put into the same account that the initial check was drawn from.

    Tenants Team Up Against CitiApartments

    [BAY] Tenants Team Up Against CitiApartments
    CitiApartments is already facing a lawsuit filed by the San Francisco city attorney's office claiming the landlord uses illegal intimidation tactics to force tenants to move. Now tenants are teaming up in a class action lawsuit demanding the group refund deposits.
    (Published Wednesday, July 15, 2009)

    The fledgling San Francisco company has been fighting off foreclosures and creditors for months as it has struggled to make mortgage payments. CitiAparments had been facing the foreclosure of 23 of its properties if it did not pay up.

    But lost in the shuffle was a growing number of angry renters, who turned to Twitter and street protests to complain about everything from building maintenance not being performed, deposit checks not be being returned and a general lack of care for the buildings they were living in.

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    Renters Revolt Against CitiApartments

    [BAY] Renters Revolt Against CitiApartments
    CitiApartments is going broke and its trouble are starting to trickle down to angry renters.
    (Published Thursday, July 2, 2009)