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City No Longer Thinks Helipads Are From the Devil

UCSF gets clearance to welcome helicopters



    The light sculpture at UCSF may not be the most talked about part of the Mission Bay campus for long.

    Helicopters: Medical necessity, or Satan's air-weasels? Local hospitals have wanted helipads for a long, long time -- one estimate is that they'd probably use helicopters once or twice a day for life-saving emergencies -- and for just as long, some folks have opposed them.

    But that's apparently changed now: the Board of Supes' Land Use Committee gave an unqualified thumbs-up to helicopters at the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay.

    So, what's changed? WE HAVE NO IDEA. Four years ago, residents were gravely concerned about noise and accidents.

    A couple of months ago, neighbors were still concerned. But now, residents are praising the idea. What is going on, San Francisco! You are a crazy cuckoo clock!

    As far as we can tell, it was outreach that made the difference. UCSF has been planning for this for years; they started outreach to residents early and listened to concerns, and even offered to subsidize soundproofing in nearby homes. Looks like this might be a case where being a good neighbor pays dividends.

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