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Dolores Park to Go Under the Knife

Popular Mission park to be closed for more than a year



    Dolores Park to Go Under the Knife
    Josh Keppel
    Dolores Park will be closed for more than a year for repairs.

    One of San Francisco's prettiest parks will be getting a much needed face lift.

    Starting in the fall of 2011, much of Dolores Park will be shut down for what the City is calling much needed repairs. The park will remain closed for 17 months, according to Uptown Almanac.

    The park's irrigation system, the non-ADA compliant bridge and even the playground will be updated.

    What will sun-loving hipsters and neighborhood hippies do without the unique confines of Dolores Park for a year? Mission Loc@l has some suggestions.

    More importantly, does this mean the death of Brolores Park?


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