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Embarcadero Hanging Gardens May Get the Ax



    Embarcadero Hanging Gardens May Get the Ax
    Hanging gardens could be coming to the Embarcadero.


    110 The Embarcadero, a 10-story Platinum LEED building that's way over the height limit of waterfront buildings, is in a bit of trouble.

    The project was approved by the Planning Commission despite exceeding the height limit because developer Hines promised to build to the greenest specs possible, making it the greenest commercial building on the West Coast— and perhaps also making a green-loving mayor look even greener.

    But then preservationists and longshoremen (strange bedfellows?), realized the building set for demolition was the home of the International Longshoremen's Association, from which the historic 1934 General Strike was launched, and therefore must be preserved for posterity.

    And now, the whole mess is going to the Board of Supes tomorrow for a vote. Hines, for their part, says the building's already changed so much that preserving it would be pointless— rather, a couple info stations placed outside the new Hanging Gardens would do the General Strike and longshoremen more justice. Board of Supes, the ball's in your court.

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