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Geary's Bus Lanes: Fast, Cheap, and Down the Middle



    Do I Need a New Mattress?
    A bus only lane down the middle of Geary could become a reality. Can you see it?


    A single bus rapid transit corridor down the middle of Geary is the best way to improve transit along the route, says a county transpo report that looked at various ways to go about speeding things up.

    The alternatives included a full-on subway/surface light rail solution, just a surface light rail, and other bus lane configurations, like dedicated lanes on both sides of the road. In the end, the middle BRT was the favored child, at a cost of somewhere between $157 and $212 million— significantly lower than any rail solution, let alone an underground one.

    Next: a vote this month on which proposals should be studied further, then a final environmental impact report mid-2010, with the whole thing done perhaps by the end of 2013. The report does note a potential snag: the "do-nothing" contingent.

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