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Graffiti Makes People Cry, Part II



    The Dos and Don'ts of Good Sleep
    Folks really don't like graffiti.

    The graffiti theme of the week continues today as C.W. Nevius picks up where he left off. Today: why prosecution of graffiti cases isn't working.

    Problem No. 1: Jurists who don't give a damn, i.e. "This is a waste of time and money." Problem No. 2: It's too much trouble to show up to testify against taggers, apparently. (See related: problem No. 1).

    And apparently, problem No. 3: we don't have a single "graffiti judge" to deal with all tagging-related busts, and thus no single entity has a grasp of the breadth of the problem facing the city. Graffiti judge then, anyone?

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