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Harmonic Converges on Silicon Valley's Urban Core

Video-delivery company opens new headquarters



    Harmonic Converges on Silicon Valley's Urban Core
    The kind of video delivery Harmonic provides.

    The country's job numbers are still falling, and companies all over the nation are still struggling.  Which is why it's nice to see growth in Silicon Valley, arguably the one place that will -- eventually 0- catapult our economy out of its doldrums.

    More evidence came just this morning from Harmonic (HLIT), a Silicon Valley maker of video-delivery systems.  This is a red-hot area these days, and Harmonic has been able to take advantage and grow, while so many other companies have shrunk. 

    After busting through the seams of its previous offices, the company made the move to San Jose, opening a new building downtown, within shouting distance of Adobe's headquarters. Cisco and eBay aren't far away, either.

    If you send video to the Web, you likely use Harmonic's technology.  It's not a famous consumer name, like YouTube or Cisco, but they're the plumbing involved in the online video revolution.

    Now, by focusing on downtown San Jose, they bolster an area already boasting several top tech companies.  Not to say that this one company will single-handedly save the South Bay's public transit problems, or provide trillions of new dollars to the area's tax base.  But on a small level, they'll boost a city that prides itself on technology companies, and tech innovation.

    Call it Harmonic convergence:  New building, new job growth, and hot technology coming together in the South Bay.  Close to 500 employees are already there, with more likely to follow.  Just what the economy needs.