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Home of In-N-Out Closes the Drive Thru Window



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    With a drive through window, maybe the new Santa Rosa In-N-Out location will lure the likes of Brittney Spears past Marin and into Sonoma?

    The birthplace of California's drive-through craze has had its fill of fast food restaurants.
    The blue-collar town of Baldwin Park east of Los Angeles is banning new drive-throughs as it hopes to shed its reputation as a haven for convenient, fatty foods.

    It's an ironic development for a community that proudly claims to have opened California's first drive-through restaurant more than 60 years ago -- a little joint named, appropriately enough, In-N-Out.

    The town of 90,000 people is concerned that its 17 drive-throughs are causing traffic jams stretching outside its parking lots.

    Still, not everyone is happy with the ordinance. They say the town should allow even more drive-throughs.