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Licensed to Be Sexy

Bay Area's annual list of sexiest realtors is out



    Licensed to Be Sexy
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    Paul Rudd is not the only sexy realtor.

    The real estate market may be down but the depth of attractive real estate agents is definitely up.

    The annual poll to find out who the the Bay Area's sexiest realtor is is now closed but the suspense is growing. The Front Steps blog, run by a licensed real estate agent, held its annual competition pitting attractive realtors against each other.

    It may be debatable whether sex sells but there is no arguing that people, for some reason, like voting on the physical merits of men and women with portfolios filled with foreclosures and depreciating property.

    This year there were 27 women and 20 men competing for the title of the sexiest agent. And while the final results were suppose to be released Friday there is a delay because of "hangovers" and "contingencies."

    While your holding your breath waiting for the announcement, you can go ahead and nominate your favorite realtor for next year's competition.