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Oakland Farmers Get $4 Million to Cultivate Urban Jungle



    Sweat More, Sleep Better
    A City Slicker Farms project. Photo: Lighting Up the Sky on Flickr

    Farms in Oakland? You betcha.

    City Slicker Farms is being awarded $4 million to purchase land and build a farm in West Oakland, according to Mission Local.

    The urban farm has been growing and distributing fresh produce to West Oakland residents since 2001. The non-profit has grows about 20,000 pounds of food a year.

    The money for the new farm will come from Proposition 84, a statewide bond initiative approved four years ago that allocates $5.4 billion for projects that improve parks, water quality and access and work to preserve natural resources.

    With the money City Slickers will purchase a vacant lot at 28th and Peralta streets in West Oakland, which currently home to lumber yards and auto salvage shops.