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City Pot Club Might Return to Pot-Dispensing Ways



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    What once was might be again.

    Back in September, a former pot dispensary in San Francisco appeared to be well on its way toward becoming an upstanding citizen in the form of a boxing gym.

    But it was only a month later that the City zoning administrator wrote a letter to an attorney explaining the sitch on 350 Divisadero: the pot club had closed "due to the threat of a raid by the DEA," but because of the threat of property seizure by the federal government, the City had never finalized the permit to change the occupancy of the space.

    And thus, "the property owner or his agent can proceed with a new application to operate (a medical cannabis dispensary)."

    Will the pot club return? One neighbor says: "We already have a pot club just 3 blocks away and it is a blight on the community--a constant source of noise & crime. ... That said, I dont want to be a NIMBY, and maybe these new guys can clean up their image."