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Prozac of Nightclubs Refuses to Stop Dancing



    Prozac of Nightclubs Refuses to Stop Dancing
    Jelly's Dance Cafe. Photo: Thomas Hawk

    Owners of a San Francisco club on Pier 50 that is facing eviction  after a homicide outside its doors last month are organizing a protest at the  Port of San Francisco Friday.

          The Port served Jelly's with a notice of eviction in the days  following the fatal shooting of Lee Farley, 39, of Richmond, on July 11  outside the club. The eviction is scheduled to take effect next Wednesday.
    The Port said the decision was made in response to the shooting,  other incidents of violence in recent years, including another fatal shooting  outside the club, as well as noise complaints from neighbors and violation of  the terms of the lease.
    The San Francisco Entertainment Commissiongave the popular club a brief reprieve in late July after a swell of supporters attended a city meeting. But the commission cannot stop the eviction notice, which is controlled by the port. One supporter called Jelly's her "prozac" at the meeting.

    Club owners insist the violence is unrelated to the activity of  the venue, which operates as a restaurant and dance cafe. They are calling  the eviction "unfair and illegal."
    The protest begins at 4 p.m. at Pier 1.