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Smoking and Drinking Ban in Dolores Park Ruffles Feathers



    Smoking and Drinking Ban in Dolores Park Ruffles Feathers
    Kristina Kurtz
    One of the bus riders was spotted passed out in Dolores park after the show as the sun set on the city, still wearing a hat from the bus with a foam finger koozie. What a day!

    If the strange, scary entity known as "San Francisco drama" has a center of gravity, it must lie directly within the borders of Dolores Park.

    The park's one of the most popular destinations in the City, close to transit lines and a few small shops and with a fantastic view of the City. Everyone loves it -- but little skirmishes keep popping up over how to treat the place.

    The latest flap involves new signs that went up this week, reminding visitors that smoking and drinking are prohibited. And while bans on public drinking and smoking on city land are nothing new, some Dolores parkers took offense at the stern reminder.

    Park advocates, Dolores Park Works, take a dim view of the new signs.

    "Dolores Park Works did not advocate for nor review these particular signs," the group wrote, criticizing the lack of contact information and questioning their efficacy.

    Typically, the police have turned a blind eye to park malfeasance as long as nobody got hurt. But in July, a man was stabbed late at night as he walked alone through a wooded section. That could explain the crackdown -- although it's anyone's guess how a pitcher of mimosas leads to nocturnal knife crime.

    Not to be outdone, the National Park Service this week told the SF Weekly that in national parks, the First Amendment doesn't extend to speech about childhood diabetes. Really.