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The Bay Area's Best Sunrises



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    The Bay's Best Sunrises

    1. Marin Headlands

    If you want to see the bay’s best sunrise, you better check the forecast first. The Marin Headlands offers a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, city skyline and Alcatraz, all back dropped by the rising sun. Of course, with the San Francisco Bay, you can never be sure if the fog will ruin the view.

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    2. Above Livermore (Mendenhall Road, Just stop at the arrow sign filled with buckshot holes!)

    While Bob Redell may have been biased when he chose this one, we certainly agree. Above Livermore, near Mendenhall Road, you can get a great view of the sun as it rises over hills. Bob says, just look for the arrow sign filled with buckshot.

    3. Capitola Village

    A sunrise over the Pacific Ocean is hard to find near the Bay Area, but we managed. Head down the Santa Cruz coastline to Capitola Village and you can see the sun come up over the Pacific. Visitors who have experienced the sunrise say it’s “spiritual” and “better than Maui.”