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Under 500 Club: The Big and The Small



    The Under 500 Club is Curbed SF's exclusive members-only support group for those homes on the market for less than $500,000. Things are looking up: Once the domain of poorly (if at all) staged homes, the Club's membership has grown to include both shitboxes and hidden gems. All listings of note should be sent to the Curbed SF Inbox.

    2008-10-25guerrero.jpgWhat: 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
    Where:25 Guerrero Street #202, the Mission
    How Much: $399,000
    Note: "Centrally located" 1920s flat has hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, bath, views and well, views. Bonus: dining area! (Read: a special spot for your best TV tray.)

    2008-10-5700miss.jpgWhat: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2444 square foot condominium
    Where:5700 Mission Street #4, Oceanview
    How Much: $474,900
    Note: "Remarkable luxury," hmm? Mountain views, balcony and fireplace aside, the listing assures us the place is just "lovely inside." It's about space, people. 2,444 square feet! You do the math.

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