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What Running Silicon Valley Gets You in Real Estate



    What Running Silicon Valley Gets You in Real Estate
    Steve Jobs Palo Alto home. Photo: Charlie.monkeystitch on Flickr

    Ever wonder what inventing the iPhone gets you in terms of real estate? And where does a woman who can spend $140 million to lose a political race lay her head at night?

    Zillow.com wondered the same thing and decided to put together a slideshow of what the homes of the titans of tech look like.

    From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Meg Whitman and Larry Ellison, they have a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and geeky.

    Apple's CEO takes a break from his demanding schedule in a 5,768-square-foot Tudor-style house on Waverly Street in Palo Alto.

    The home sits on a half-acre and boasts 7 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. He is also currently trying to redecorate a Spanish colonial house in Woodside, that has caused quite an uproar.

    Fellow Palo Alto resident Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, lives a modest lifestyle in a house he rents just a few blocks away from his company's headquarters.

    Twitter co-founder Evan Williams on the other hand is a family man and every family needs space. He recently left his quaint SOMA bachelor pad to move into a Noe Valley Victorian.

    He bought the 3,000-square-foot property for $2.4 million and gutted it into a modern 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath stunner.

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has more years on top of the tech world than Zuckerberg and Williams combined.  And his sprawling 7,800-square-foot Woodside mansion reflects his experience.

    In fact, he has a 2.3 acre, man-made lake to reflect the nine other buildings he has on the other 23 acres. Ellison also owns homes across the country, including in Atherton, which is also home to Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former eBay CEO and Republican governor candidate Meg Whitman.

    Schmidt lives in a 4,840-square-foot, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house in an exclusive neighborhood in the posh city. Whitman lives a stone's throw away in a 3,700-square-foot mansion fit to serve one of Fortune's five most powerful women in the world.

    To see pictures of the homes and to see how other tech emissaries live, visit Zillow.com.