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You Can Now Put on the Ritz in Tahoe

Squaw Valley has a new high end competitor



    You Can Now Put on the Ritz in Tahoe

    PLACER COUNTY, Calif. -- The ribbon-cutting for the Ritz-Carlton Highlands at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort was held this week.  The snow storm instantly turned it in a postcard perfect photo.

    The resort, which cost $300 million, it's the only 5-star skiside resort of its kind in the Lake Tahoe area.

    Opening night had a 60-percent occupancy rate, according to managers. 

    The event was marked with champagne toasts and tours of the new building.

    "I still get goosebumps when I drive up the hill to the resort," Allen Highfield from the Ritz-Carlton Highlands said. "It's a resort that most people think is first in class."

    "It's completely unique to have this property now in Lake Tahoe, it's one of the first 5-star resort developments," Caroline Beteta from the California Travel and Tourism Commission said. "So it really uplevels our game as a world-class winter resort destination."

    Grand opening rates start at $249 a night. But in January, the rates will start at $499 a night.

    Suites will cost you $4,000.

    The Ritz-Carlton Highlands created 375 new jobs in the Tahoe area.

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