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Zip Line Travel Set to Become a San Francisco Reality



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    Forget jogging, you'll be able to ride a chord across parts of the Embarcadero soon.

    Weirdly prophetic: in 2007, a poster advertising "The Z-Line: The Fastest Way Across the Bay!" pushed a zip-line as the carbon-free way to get from the Ferry Building to downtown Oakland.

    It was all for funsies, obviously — a project commissioned by the Arts Commission.

    But! As SF Citizen notes, a bunch of fun- and zip-line-loving Canadians are setting up a 600-footer in Justin Herman Plaza from April 8 to 18 — a stunt that mirrors another zip line set up in Vancouver for the Olympics, and one that's meant to show San Franciscans just how great our neighbors to the north are. It probably helps that a ride on the zip line will be free.

    Also, a couple Olympics gold medalists will be on hand to demonstrate the zip line and sign autographs. Pillow fight, you got nothing on this.