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American Greed Forces International iPad Delay



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    The world will just have to wait a bit longer for its iPads to come in.

    If you're sitting in Australia and waiting for an iPad, just blame us glutinous Americans for forcing you to wait a bit longer.

    Americans have been getting their grubby little hands over Apple's newest toy so fast, that the company has had to delay the international launch of the tablet computer. To make matters worse this is the second time the iPad's international debut has been delayed.

    But there is a silver lining hidden behind the cloud of forced gadget lust patience: all the hype means life is good for Apple. Apple has sold more than 500,000 iPads in America and the company's shares rose about 1 percent to over $244 in early morning trading Wednesday.

    Apple initially announced it would begin selling the iPad overseas after the tablet's initial American launch of late March. But when that date was pushed back to April 3 the international date got pushed to late April.

    Now Apple is saying it will begin take pre reorder from international customers on May 10. This time it's for real, we think.