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Apple: iPhone Alarm Glitch Fixed by Morning



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
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    Apple engineers had to work on a glitch that kept some users sleeping a little extra this weekend.

    This was a working holiday weekend at Apple's Cupertino headquarters. Engineers had to come up with a fix for a glitch that had lots of customers sleeping past the time they intended to wake up.

    It wasn't clear what caused the alarm problem, or how many people overslept.  One television news man in New York City reported two iPhone alarm failures nearly kept him from anchoring his morning program Saturday.  He credits an Android for saving his day.

    Both Saturday and Sunday users who set their iPhone alarm for a single wake-up rather than recurring use found the alarm didn't go off Apple Inc. spokeswoman Natalie Harrisontold UPI Sunday.
    The glitch affects iPhones with the iOS 4.0 operating system and users who downloaded new software.  It's the second iPhone alarm glitch in the past two months.  The iPhone alarm also had trouble at the end of daylight savings.

    Harrison told AP the iPhone alarms will work properly starting Monday morning.  The company said users can fix it themselves by choosing a recurring alarm instead of a one-time wake up call.