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Asus Confirms a Bunch of Tablets Coming Soon for Cheap



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    Asus turned the laptop world on its head with its cheap, functional Eee PC. The company hopes to do the same with tablets, and confirmed that it has two flavors of its upcoming Eee Pad, a meatier tablet, and even an e-reader on the way.

    The Eee Pad looks like its designed to play in the same casual computing space as the iPad. They'll have a 10-inch screen and come in variants priced under $400 and $500. No word on what separates the two, though the cheaper one will show up running Android, with the more expensive one using Windows Embedded Compact 7.

    The company also plans to release a tablet upwards of $1,000 that will run Windows 7 and come with a docking station that has it functioning more like a laptop. It'll introduce some productivity to the tablet world — the lack of which had some feeling cold when it came to the iPad. Lastly, there's the Eee Tablet e-reader, a grayscale e-reader that the company plans to release for $300 in October. (How that'll stack up against a Kindle selling for $200 is something of a mystery.)

    Look for Asus's other tablets later this year, and early next year.

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