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Barter Your Way to Fresh Produce

If you can't afford to keep up your locavore ways, you may be able to trade your way to a farmer's heart



    Barter Your Way to Fresh Produce
    John Loo
    The prices for chickens at Marin Sun Farms will make you consider trading sexual favors instead of cash.

    Bay Area residents love their fresh, local, organic food. But in this economy, it's not always easy to stomach the prices.

    So San Francisco-based CHOW has published ten tips on how to barter for the best your neighborhood farmer's market.

    Suggestions include swapping some skill you may have, offering up your own produce for trade on sites like Craigslist, volunteering at a market stall, and prostituting yourself.

    Okay, not the last one, but hey, even monkeys trade food for sex in the wild, so it's only natural.

    Photo by John Loo.

    Jackson West is learning how to cook offal in order to save at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market.