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Cal Receiver Making Tracks as Rapper

Junior WR Alex Lagemann breaks into Hip Hop as "Loggy."



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    The PAC-10 Conference is not just expanding into Colorado and Utah. It is also expanding into the "white people rapping" musical genre.

    That's thanks to Cal Bears receiver Alex Lagemann who has been touring and performing under the rapper name "Loggy." His tracks are available as free downloads at, and he's just released a professional-produced video for his track "New Kid."

    "Just got the cable bill/and I don't wanna pay it," raps Loggy in the above video for "New Kid." Guess there are no USC-style envelopes full of cash being given to student-athletes at Cal!

    Loggy performs with a Cal football teammate, senior defensive lineman Michael Costanzo. Constanzo performs under the name "DJ Big Red."

    Lagemann has played mostly as a back-up in his two seasons with Cal, but ESPN's PAC-10 blog


    Loggy has been getting the first-team reps in this year's off-season practices.

    Cal coach Jeff Tedford is evidently down the funky beats. "Number 1 is academics, and then athletics," Tedford told NCAA Fanhouse."And then anything other than that, they are welcome to do."

    Mr. Costanzo, Cal football fans who realize what Stanford's team colors are might not be thrilled about your performing as DJ Big Red.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks the song should have been called "Bros Vanilla Icing Bros".