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Daisy Fuentes Works the Wii

Wii Fall Round Up



    Wii Fall Round Up

    My Sims Agents, Dead Space Extraction and Daisy Fuentes Pilates are featured in this edition of the Wii Round Up. (Published Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009)

    Sci-fi, spy games and fitness all have a place on the Nintendo Wii this Fall.

    Wii Fit started the craze and now we’re getting celebrities doing pilates, as former MTV host Daisy Fuentes leads a series of exercises where you use the Wii Balance Board or just follow along while holding the controller.

    Not much of what’s demonstrated needs demonstration, but the avatar and real-life Daisy, both seem enthusiastic about the subject matter. “Pilates gives you a calm, refreshing focused workout that unites your mind and body as one,” says Fuentes.

    Less strenuous is My Sims Agents, a new adventure game where players work to solve mysteries as operatives out to stop a sinister plot threatening the fate of an entire city.

    It’s kind of like ‘The Sum of All Fears’ for 12-year-olds and happens to be one of the better plot driven games for the Wii, even if it doesn’t really need much of the console’s patented motion controls.

    Finally, one of the newest games to lean heavily on those controls while representing one of the few ‘M’ for Mature titles on the Wii is Dead Space Extraction. Designed exclusively for the system, the plotline follows a group of space colonists trying to escape a contagious infection in the furthest regions of the universe. Note that it’s something of a horror story filled with all manner of blood and gore.

    So from the outer reaches, to the local neighborhood, to the fitness spa, this Fall the Wii has something new for just about every taste, even if some of the concepts are a bit of a reach.