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First Look: Kanye West for Louis Vuitton

Check out the rapper's collaboration with a legendary luxury label, tassels and all



    First Look: Kanye West for Louis Vuitton
    Amaury Choay for La MJC
    Kanye's new kicks for Louis Vuitton: Would you rock these tassels?

    After that weird video surfaced of Kanye West rambling on and on about changing his nickname from "The Louis Vuitton Don" to "Martin Louis King, Jr.," we really weren't sure if the kicks he'd designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton would ever come to market. Thanks to If It's Hip, It's Here, we got a sneak peek of several of the designs back in January (which, we'll admit, we were less than ecstatic about), but since then, nothing.

    Now La MJC has released some really spectacular shots of models wearing the ... wait for it ... $700+ sneakers and gallavanting around the streets of Paris. Naturally, the boys all look impossibly cool and hipster-y, all plaid shirts, oversized glasses, and such. Racked also has some great detail shots of the collection, if you're jonesing for a closer look.

    As for the sneakers, the bizarre Gummi Bear-looking red pair we saw back in January still in the collection, as is arather goofy-looking white loafer style with tassels. This is supposed to be West's big fashion moment, right? He's designed sneakers before--his "Air Yeezy" collection for Nike--but this has been buzzed-over for months! Where's the drama? We'll admit there are a couple of pairs that we'd wear with some ripped jeans on a Sunday shopping stroll (the pale gray with bright red soles are alluring in a vaguely Christian Louboutin kind of way), but the tassels! Good lord, the tassels! The collection is still titled "spring/summer 2009," though it clearly won't be rolling out in the very near future, so you'll just have to be patient.