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Flexible 3D TV Could Put More Pop Into 3D Movies



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    3D flexible screens are bound to make television more dynamic.

    Samsung is at the forefront of digital displays again. This time, the company is toying around with using flexible displays to make 3D movies really jump off the screen.

    Remember those old pop-up books from kindergarten? Samsung's 3D OLED flexible displays could work like that. Only instead of paper popping up, something like Voldemort's mug would, in a Harry Potter 3D Blu-ray.

    We're always talking about how to make entertainment a more immersive experience. We don't want to just see it with our eyes, we want to almost live in our content. Maybe, this is what 3D needs. Hell, we would take a foldable 3D effect that leaps off the screen over wearing 3D glasses any day.

    Samsung Mobile Display, via OLED-Display

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