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Gamer Conf. Brings Out the Nerds in SF

Still reeling from Wondercon costumes? Avoid the Moscone Center



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    That dude you saw with a guitar slung over his shoulder wasn't an emo rocker on the way to a hipster club, but a garden variety geek descending on the Game Developers Conference looking to play some Rock Band.

    The annual event brings out the people who create video games, the reporters who cover the $21 billion dollar industry and of course the fans.

    And there are a lot of fans -- far more than just those twitchy first-person shooter addicts clutching an energy drink.

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will take the stage for the keynote speech tomorrow.

    He has reason to crow -- the Nintendo Wii is doing land office business, and is widely credited with growing gaming far beyond the teenage boy demographic.

    Further saturation can be expected on mobile devices. The iPhone will be getting plenty of attention as a game platform.

    Just in case you were worried you might have to make eye contact on BART while making your way to the conference. Photo by Matt Mechtley.

    Jackson West hopes the Blizzard team doesn't party to hard and further delay World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.