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Going Green Could Take San Franciscans to the Cleaners

City struggles to find funds to help dry cleaners meet looming green standard deadline



    Spelling may not be the only problem with your dry cleaning bill come July.

    Like everyone else, San Francisco is trying to go green but at what cost?

    If you run or use dry cleaning services in the City, it might just cost enough to put you out of business or to make you think twice about buying that dry clean only J Crew sweater.

    San Francisco dry cleaners may be forced to pass the cost of a new requirement to use more Earth friendly cleaning machines to customers.

    Come July 1, cleaners will have to comply with new environmental policies by buying new expensive machines.

    The City says it is doing all it can to help shops meet the deadline but San Francisco might have less loose change in its pocket than the neighborhood dry cleaner. So the City can't afford to buy the machines.

    The good news? The San Francisco Examiner reports the Bay Area Quality Management District agreed to help eight dry cleaners buy the fancy new equipment.

    The others may just be a victim of global warming.