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Google Strengthens Its Digital Book Arsenal



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    Critics say Google Books settlement gives the company an unfair advantage in the race to digitize libraries.

    Anything Apple can do, Google can do better. Or at least the search giant would like to think so.

    While Apple is busy making the rest of the digital book world miserable, Google is preparing a full on assault on Apple's tablet dominance.

    In a move that could further feul the rival between the two Silicon Valley giants, Google has inked a deal with Alibris to sell electronic books. Google has long be going afterApple and Amazon in the digital book-selling game. Now the company has more fire power to play with.

    Google has been working for years on a controversial project to digitize books and make them available for free, and others for a price, entirely online.

    The new partnership will allow Google fans to purchase books from the search giant and read them from any computer because the text will be hosted on Google's servers.