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Hackers Obtain Over 70 Million Sony PlayStation Users' Information



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    A shopper carries off a Sony Playstation 3 game console shortly after midnight at at a Saturn electronics store in the morning of March 23, 2007.

    Hackers were able to access more than 70 million Sony PlayStation users' personal information following a security breach, the company said Tuesday.

    The company shut down the PlayStation network, which connects players in live game play worldwide, last Wednesday after it says account information for certain players was compromised.

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    Between April 17 and April 19, there was an "illegal and unauthorized intrusion" into it's  PlayStation Network and Qriocity digital music services, according to a statement on Sony's website. As a result, users' personal information was exposed including names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and PlayStation passwords.

    Playstation Users Hacked

    [BAY] Playstation Users Hacked
    People who play Playstation 3 could have had their personal information compromised
    (Published Wednesday, April 27, 2011)

    Sony said there was "no evidence" that credit card information was taken but they "could not rule out the possibility."

    Users were advised to be especially "vigilant" for scams and anyone contacting them asking for more information including social security numbers or other personally identifiable information.

    Sony says the attack has led it to begin rebuilding the system. It expects to restore some services within a week. The company has hired an outside security firm to investigate and has taken steps to provide greater protection for personal information.

    So far, no hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack.