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How to Get Tickets to Comic-Con 2009

Not an early bird? Tickets to Comic-Con 2009 at the San Diego Convention center might still be a possibility for you



    How to Get Tickets to Comic-Con 2009
    If you waited to buy tickets, you're not too late.

    No more tickets for Comic-Con 2009?

    Not exactly; Comic-Con, the country’s leading comics and popular arts convention, has been sold out for two months with people buying their tickets as far in advance as last year. But not to worry, there are still some opportunities to mingle with your favorite comic book heroes.

    For the first time ever, Comic-Con is selling tickets on Ebay, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you're not an early bird and didn’t get tickets in advance, go to Ebay and bid your Comic-Con heart out! But beware of scalpers!  There are unique bar codes on the tickets sold by Comic-Con and you will not get in if another name is on your pass.

    Also make sure you check out Comic-Con’s official Twitter account for updates on ticket sales.

    You could always work at the event too. Not only would you get in free, but also some jobs actually pay a pretty good compensation. Look on for some of the job descriptions such as production assistant or makeup artist. 

    Then, of course, you can always just hang out around downtown San Diego in hopes of spotting some celebs or characters coming to and from the event. Grab a chair on any restaurant patio in the city's Gaslamp District and enjoy the people-watching.