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Jack London Square Really Wants You to Visit

Oakland waterfront market transforms itself once again for a one time event



    Heinhold's First and Last Chance -- historic landmark opened in 1883. Jack London studied at Heinhold's tables as a school boy.

    Jack London square has been going through a make over and it wants everyone to know about it.

    While the Oakland waterfront market has a long way to go before it can fully show off its new $375 million look, Jack London Square will host an international fair this evening to reintroduce itself to the Bay Area. And to convince the Bay Area it is safe to travel to Oakland at night.

    Full Moon Buy Night will transform Jack Long Square for one night into an Italian village fair, German holiday market and a Moroccan bazaar all at the same time.

    There will also be live music, ice-skating, food, and traveling  performers including stilt walkers, magicians, and fire-breathers.

    The multi-million project to redevelop the square has been in the  works since 2001. Construction is under way for a new market that features local produce and would be the world's largest food hall. A few new restaurants have opened in the square while several more high end eateries scheduled to enter in the coming years.

    "We're now just seeing everything really come to fruition and  those plans become a reality," event spokesman Jordan Pierce said.

    Events were held throughout the summer to encourage residents to  visit and enjoy the waterfront, including free movies, free ballroom dance  lessons, a farmer's market and a street food festival.

    Tonight's event will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.