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Let Your Walls Touch the Sky

Gorgeous photography, plus a major sale and a good night's sleep



    Let Your Walls Touch the Sky
    Super Hot Giclee - a photography by DIGuy

    TAKE A PICTURE: You can't put a price on getting the right photography to display in your home. When someone does throw out a number, and it's under $100, you know what to do. Find a spot on your wall for Super Hot Giclee by DIGuy.

    SAFFRON SALE: Rice is nice, but we're talking about discount clothes here. Saffron Rare Threads is having a major sale to celebrate their fifth year in business. Get items like this richly-colored, beautifully-draped Kamala dress for a steal. [SF Indie Fashion]

    GONNA PUT YOU TO BED:  This may not be the best thing to share with a perpetual snooze button-hitter, but oh well! The silk satin quilt by Erica Tanov is a decadent, beautiful, comfortable addition to any bed. Try to forgive the designer when you sleep through, well, your life.

    WRIST TRYST: Repurpose is the name of the game, and with the boyfriend trends popping up on every runway this season (boyfriend blazers, jeans, oxfords, etc), why not get your arms in on the action? This Vintage Necktie Snap Bracelet is a creative and cute way to adorn any ensemble.

    TOTE-ALLY: This bag is cute enough for the Clueless-era valley girls, yet sophisticated enough for the downtown San Francisco stylish city girls. Get your hands on the Flower Field Lily Basic Tote and you'll start coming up with reasons to carry your entire literary collection with you to the drugstore.