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Let the Dame Wrap You Up in Jeweled Chains

Plus, a super-powered cape and charming vintage charms



    Let the Dame Wrap You Up in Jeweled Chains
    The Lariat by Dame jewelry.

    SUBMIT TO THE DAME:  Local designer Nazy Wadia has the city in a tizzy over Dame jewelry, a newly-launched set of body-wrapping chains that are incredibly stylish with a hint of bondage. Try the Lariat, a perfect addition to any backless top. [Daily Candy SF]

    SUPER HERO KNIT WEAR: If Supergirl was a bit trendier, she'd definitely have this piece in her closet. The Little Red Crochet Capelet Convertible Skirt has that 70s flair with timeless draping and pattern. Plus, the piece transforms from a cape to a skirt - a switch even American Apparel has yet to attempt.

    MY, HOW CHARMING: From classic bracelets with little pieces of family history, to Japanese cell phone accessories given by friends, charms have always been that great mix of meaningful and fun. Give one of simplethingsinlife's vintage charms to a friend, perhaps this Ice Cold Soda variety, and they'll cherish it forever.