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Tony Bennett Sings at Macworld 2009

New Products, Tony Bennett, No Steve Jobs at Macworld



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    The following is Scott Budman's Live Blog of Macworld 2009, in reverse-chronological order, with pictures of the new Mac Book Pro.

    11:01 A.M.

    He then sang "I left my heart in San Francisco." Crowd loved it .. A very classy way to end the keynote.

    Lots of good feelings .. Enough to forget about the absence of Jobs?

    Probably not, but I'll go and ask the faithful.

    Here's the AP Wire story that came down at the time.

    Apple Inc.'s final appearance at the Macworld trade show has opened with a focus on new software for Mac computers.

    In place of the traditional keynote from CEO Steve Jobs, a top marketing executive, Philip Schiller, showed off improvements in Apple's movie, music and photo software at the annual gathering of Apple devotees.

    For instance, iPhoto '09 can recognize faces and sort photos based on who's in them. GarageBand '09 includes videotaped, interactive music lessons given by Sting and other musicians.

    Jobs used to make Macworld the site for some of Apple's biggest product unveilings. But Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said last month that Jobs would not address the throngs this time because the company plans to pull out of Macworld next year.

    Apple shares were up 1.8 percent in afternoon trading.

    10:34 A.M.

    Wrapping up the keynote portion of our day with ..

    Whoa, Tony Bennett.

    Singing to a happy crowd.

    "the best is yet to come."


    I'll try to go get more photos up close of products...


    10:30 A.M.

    New from iTunes:

    8 million songs soon to be offered DRM-free.  That number expected to rise by end of quarter.

    Also, tiered pricing .. Songs soon to be either 69 cents, 99 cents, or $1.29. Details on what will cost what to follow.

    More wifi to your iPhone, so you can buy more songs on the go. That starts today.


    10:24 A.M.

    Quick update on new Macbook Pro..
    It will ship at end of month for $2799.00.

    With a new TV ad, don't ya know...

    10:17 A.M.

    New notebook .. MacBook Pro 17" display.

    More colors, 700:1 contrast ratio, anti-glare option (for an extra $50).

    New glass trackpad is bigger than before.

    Intel Core 2 Duo chip inside, more memory, new Nvidia graphics built-in.

    New battery: Longer lasting, while laptop is still as thin & light as before.
    Claim is 8 hrs. on a single charge.


    10:06 A.M.

    All of what Apple has shown so far ships, at the end of January, as a box set called "Mac Box Set" .. Cost will be $169.00

    Also launching, to let you get your business done online.


    9:55 A.M.

    New also for GarageBand .. Music lessons from stars like Patrick Stump, Norah Jones, Sting, and John Fogerty .. Want to learn "Proud Mary?" .. just log on.

    Still no big surprises, but Apple shares  still higher in midday trading.


    9:35 A.M.

    Now showing new editing features on "iMovie.." getting gasps of happiness by videographers & editors in the crowd.

    Still expecting something laptop-related.  Is this when Apple joins the smaller/cheaper crowd?


    9:19 A.M.

    Also, "places," a way to geotag your photos, using GPS .. Avail. on your GPS-enabled digital camera, or, of course, your iPhone.

    New ways to bring photos & info onto your Flickr and Facebook account.

    "slideshow" is like the company "Slide," with more ways to share yourself via social networking sites like Facebook.


    9:10 A.M.

    Now talking about "new things.."
    First, an update to "iLife" .. New ways to manage your photos online.

    Now, you can organize photos by people .. It's called "Faces" - it detects faces. Pretty cool.


    9:07 A.M.

    Phil Schiller just took the stage to applause .. Starting with updates .. New store updates, etc.


    8:47 A.M.

    The Moscone is now packed .. Just as much press -from all over the
    world- as usual.

    Apple still hip - MGMT & Jack Johnson songs greet us ..


    7:47 A.M.

    Welcome to another Macworld; this one has all kinds of drama having nothing to do with Apple products.

    As Macolytes start to file into this year's Mac-Arena, the buzz is less about computers, and more about Steve Jobs NOT giving this morning's keynote.

    Lots of pressure on VP Phil Schiller who, to his credit, is a fine speaker, with a good sense of humor.  I think he'll do fine.

    New products? Special guests? A possible Jobs appearance?  The buzz is here..more to come right here.



    Macworld 2009 in Pictures:

    The New MacBook Pro


    Reporter Scott Budman took this shot as MacWorld began.


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