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Look Him Up Before You Hook Up

Free app runs instant background checks on potential dates.



    Look Him Up Before You Hook Up
    Greg Stickney
    A screenshot shows the Sleaze Detector in action.

    Girl meets boy in a bar. With a few touches on her mobile phone, she gets a good idea of his background, his financial assets and even his criminal record. If things look bad, she ducks out the fire exit of the building.

    That's the idea behind DateCheck -- a new mobile phone application launched this week at Demo Fall 2009 in San Diego.

    The iPhone app will run a name or phone number -- landline or cell -- against a number of public databases. In just a few minutes, you can find out if that perfect guy is really as great as he seems.

    "Sleaze Detector actually will go run a criminal check. That background check includes a summary of offenses like assaults, DUI, drug offenses, sexual offenses and a bunch of other serious convictions," said DateCheck CEO John Arnold.

    The app can also give you insight into whether Mr. Right already has a Mrs. Right. The program is free, but searches can cost money, depending on which databases are being searched.

    The application was launched by Intelius at the technology seminar held at the Sheraton Harbor Island earlier this week.