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Mad for the Monokini



    Mad for the Monokini
    Kim Kardashian prances around on the beach sporting this summer's must-have.

    It's official -- this is the year of the monokini.

    If you're not rocking one of these suits this summer, they might not let you onto the beach.

    The monokini was born in the 1960s, but is now being reinvented and reinterpreted in a variety of shapes and styles by designers all over the world.

    In a nutshell, it's a one piece swimsuit with cut-outs.

    The buzz has left many area retailers cleaned out of the style.

    One merchant said that the demand has sent price tags into the $100 and up range and she still can't keep a shipment in her store for longer than a week.

    Jabelle, a boutique just opened by a hip, young San Jose couple, is stocking monokinis for just over 30 bucks.

    Get 'em while they're hot.

    Some are very conservative and public pool-friendly.  Others leave little to the imagination.

    It is this versatility that makes the "it" swimsuit of 2009 an option for just about every gal, regardless of age or size.

    Go to the toddler section and find teeny monokinis in floral prints with cute ruffly edges.

    In the juniors and misses departments you'll come across the barely-there, skimpier versions.

    The more conservative models come in women's sizes and can be found everywhere from Victoria's Secret to Target.

    It's all about the monokini this summer, no matter who you are.

    The suit has gotten some serious air-time recently, from Oprah to Rachel Ray to Ellen.

    All of the fashion mags, tabloids and mommy blogs are constantly raving about the monokini's tricky ability to cover and expose "all of the right places" at the same time.