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After eBay, Muni Bus Headed to Burning Man

Local design firm places winning bid to own an original Muni bus



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    This Muni bus is on its way to Burning Man.

    What do you do if you win a Muni bus on eBay? Take it to Burning Man, of course.

    Last week a retired Muni bus, with a short tour of Hollywood, made its way on eBay, with an opening bid of $2,300. Eleven bids later, Blinktag, a San Francsico-based web desin and city planning firm, bought the 1984 articulated 60-ft MAN, still in full Muni uniform, for $3,250. And Blinktag says the bus is "worth every penny" the company spent on it.

    "What’s even sweeter is that we figured every hipster with $10,000 bucks would have bid on this guy," a representative for the company told SFist. "But I guess the down economy has come to our rescue once again. Burning Man, here we come."

    SXSW might be in the works too.