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Smule Gets $12 Million More in Funding

Smule set to grow, make more cool apps.



    Smule Gets $12 Million More in Funding
    Make beautiful music together.

    It's the company that lets you become T-Pain, but these days Smule of Palo Alto is feeling no pain. 

    The music-related app maker just hauled in $12 million worth of funding; a huge vote of confidence that will allow the app maker to grow and hire lots of new people.

    Started back in 2008. Smule has Stanford roots, and an amazing aptitude for crafting ways for us to waste time on our iPhones. 

    Remember Ocarina?  The Leaf Trombone?  Of course, I Am T-Pain:  All big hits, all forcing iPhone users to wonder how they do it.

    The best news? 

    They're going to keep doing it. 

    Smule's co-founders, Jeffrey Smith and Ge Wang, tell us they plan to use the money grow the company.  They call it the "mobile music market," and it's growing quickly.  Smule wants to own a big chunk of it, and their growing bank account should let them do just that.

    So, pull out your phone, and let the music play.

    Scott sometimes likes to pretend he’s T-Pain.  He’s on Twitter:  @scottbudman