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No Joke: Porsche Has a Hybrid

150 MPH, while you save the planet



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    Porsche has a Hydbrid. Really, it does.

    As a hybrid owner, I admit it, and if you own a hybrid, you'll probably stand with me: Hybrids are slow. They're underpowered, and they don't have much pickup.  Yes, it feels good to help the environment, but most of us have to give up some things to get there. Things like aceleration, speed, and the feeling you get when you know you're driving a car that's more powerful than the guy next to you.

    Until now.

    Porsche (and we're still not sure this isn't some elaborate April Fool's Day joke) just rolled out a hybrid Cayenne. They call it the Cayenne S Hybrid. I call it a great compromise. Yes, you can do your part to help the planet, but nobody's gonna mess with you, because you can also accelerate to 150 miles per hour. That's not bad for a car that doesn't make noise as it speeds up.

    The Cayenne itself is part of Porsche's expanding lineup. It's an SUV, and it stands at the dealership alongside Porsche's new 4-door sedan. But a hybrid?  Believe it. Porsche is even hinting at a 918 Spyder Hybrid in its future.  And why not?  If all of the compromises I listed above go away, why wouldn't people go hybrid? Better mileage, fewer emissions, and, in the case of cars like the Cayenne, you can satisfy your need for speed.

    The biggest reason?  Price. The Cayenne Hybrid is, according to Porsche, set to cost about $68,000 when it arrives later this year.  That's close to $20,000 more than the standard Cayenne, but considerably less than the turbocharged version. If you lust after speed, performance, and the Porsche badge on your car, but still feel like going green, here's a pretty choice option -- if you can afford it.  

    Who knows? This might just change the image of the hybrid car driver. Please, make it so.