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North Face Pays EPA $207,500 Fine for Unsubstantiated Claims

San Leandro company claimed shoes were anti-bacterial



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    North Face
    North Face claimed the Hedgehog XCR would kill disease-causing bacteria, but the EPA said those claims were never actually tested.

    San Leandro-based outerwear retailer North Face has settled a lawsuit brought by the Environmental Protection Agency over the company's claims that its shoes would prevent disease-causing bacteria.

    While the EPA found that the shoes had been treated with a pesticide, the anti-bacterial effects of the chemical to prevent foot infections was never tested.

    North Face agreed to pay a $207,500 fine, and no longer advertises the shoes as anti-bacterial.

    The EPA settled three similar lawsuits regarding unsubstantiated health claims made by companies.

    The Food and Drug Administration has been on a similar campaign to stop food manufacturers and retailers of making unfounded claims to prevent or cure disease.

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