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Occupy BofA Tent For Sale on eBay

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    Occupy BofA Tent For Sale on eBay
    OccupySF protesters pitched a tent inside the Bank of America on California St, in San Francisco, on Nov. 16, 2011.

    Yesterday's Occupalooza news brought us images of OccupySF protesters setting up camp inside a Bank of America office on California Street, in downtown San Francisco. Now, you can own the very tent that was pitched!

    The owners are offering it up for sale on eBay, with a different kind of "pitch." 

    Here's what the listing says:


    Deluxe single-family dwelling located in the heart of San Francisco's prestigious financial district. Open air bungalow style residence is flexible and portable — the perfect first home for these uncertain financial times.

    • Ideal location for an aspiring small-business owner -- Bank from the comfort of your own home! 

    • Bay windows with 360-degree views for plenty of sunlight.

    • Extremely secure location!!! Armed private security force on duty at all times. 

    • Recently remodeled. Heavily insulated from government regulation.

    To arrange a viewing of this property, contact Bank of America, or visit 50 California Street, San Francisco, CA. (While there, consider closing your account, and moving your funds to a local credit union.) Please do not disturb, harass, or arrest current residents.

    This dwelling has been previously occupied by brave members of the 99%. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to support the Occupy Movement. 

    NOTE: This item is being offered "as-is", as its condition is dependent on the respect and institutional ethics of the San Francisco Police Department. Caveat fscking emptor.

    Anyone interested in putting in a bid, can head on over to eBay and make an offer.

    Current bids are at $299.00