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Pee-Chargeable Batteries

Out-green the crunchiest people you know with our new favorite AWP (awesomely pointless gadget): Urine-powered AAs



    Pee-Chargeable Batteries
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    The NoPoPo battery can be powered by a host of liquids, including saliva, orange juice, or urine.

    Urine: It's not just for pregnancy tests and creepy health cures anymore! Now it can be used to recharge a AA or AAA battery.

     The gadget - which, if you had any doubts on this, is indeed a Japanese invention - is called a NoPoPo (that stands for Non-Pollution Power), contains zero environmentally-harmful substances, and works thanks to a genius combination of magnesium and carbon that sparks an electric charge when in contact with certain fluids. According to Technabob, the NoPoPo can be recharged with all kinds of different liquids that aren't embarrassing, like apple juice and beer. But that would take all the fun out of peeing on a stick - sorry, a "pipette" - wouldn't it? And while the NoPoPo's lifespan is a fair bit shorter than most reusables (it'll take up to about five recharges), we're thinking that's long enough to ride out the hilarity of telling treehuggers that you've reduced your carbon footprint by pissing on your batteries.

    Get your very own pee battery over at Himeyashop for just $15 per pair.