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AT&T iPhone Exclusive Days are Numbered: Report

Frustrated iPhone users may soon have second option



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    Verizon will be offering Apple's iPhone in January, according to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg News.

    Currently, AT&T has an exclusive agreement with Apple to provide cellular network service for the popular smartphone.

    Neither Apple, Verizon nor AT&T commented on the report.

    But customers have not been happy with service, reporting frequently dropped calls, dead-spots in the network, and slow data transmissions -- particularly in places with lots of iPhone users.

    A Story Too Good Not To Dish

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    As excited as Silicon Valley folks are to see the next generation iPhone, that's how badly they feel about the guy responsible for it.
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    AT&T responded by promising to upgrade the network, and by changing data plans to charge the heaviest users more in the hopes of reducing network demand.

    Verizon's 4G network uses the same LTE standard that AT&T's does, making new versions of the phone compatible with both networks.

    The provider has long been rumored to be a potential second option once Apple's exclusivity agreement ends. T-Mobile has also been said to be eyeing the iPhone.

    Not Everything Went Steve Jobs Way

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    Apple Inc.CEO Steve Jobs was thwarted Monday in his attempt to show off how clearly the newest iPhone displays Web pages, apparently because too many computers were clogging the wireless network at the conference where he was on stage.
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    This could end up being good news for AT&T iPhone customers as well -- as some of the heavy network bandwidth demands are shared, it should mean less strain on AT&T's.

    Jackson West has a nearly 5-year-old phone, and it still works just fine.