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Snap-on Microphone Turns Your iPod Into a Bootlegging Monster



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    Record everything within site of your iPod with this handy dandy microphone.

    Search for your favorite musician on YouTube, and you'll probably find lots of cellphone videos where the video is actually pretty decent, but the audio is just a big distorted mess.

    The microphones built into most phones just can't handle the volume of a typical live concert, so last year Blue Microphones gave us the Mikey, a stereo microphone created just for the iPod. Now there's a new version which builds on the strengths of the original.

    A new three position sensitivity setting means that you can capture your favorite metal band without distortion, while the wide range 35 Hz-20 kHz response has Justin Beiber's highest notes within range. Other new features incluse a line in jack for recording external sources, and new bundled recording app called Blue FiRe.

    Of course the biggest catch is that unlike those cellphones, the Mikey will only record audio without any accompanying video.

    The Mikey 2.0 works with most recent iPod Classic, Touch, and Nano models (but not the iPhone), and is available now for $99 retail, $80 street price.

    Blue Microphones, via Slashgear

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