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Spin the Bottle: Adults Only

Game offers update on classic naughty kids game



    Spin the Bottle: Adults Only
    We're willing to bet the bottle you used as a kid for spin the bottle didn't look this good!

    Many of us played spin the bottle when we were kids, but now that we're adults, we can do a lot better than that.

    That's where "Spin Me," a game by a company called Jimmyjane, comes in.

    The elegantly-designed white bottles are the first sign that this isn't the same game you played as a kid -- and that the stakes are probably going to be much higher than giving and receiving your first French kiss.

    The directions are simple: Spin, Read, Obey and Repeat. The game comes with strips of paper that contain instructions that range from mildly G-rated to much racier fare.

    "We believe each person's sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint. Rather than dictate what is sexy to our customers, we leave room for exploration and interpretation. We create provocative possibility," said Ethan Imboden, Jimmyjane's founder . 

    Some of the messages on the strips include:

    • Give your partner a butterfly kiss (by fluttering your eyelashes against their skin) where they are ticklish.
    • Lie next to your partner without touching and whisper a secret into their ear. Share something about yourself that they don’t know and wouldn’t guess.

    So what if you don't want to do what the message says? Well, according to Jimmyjane, "If you can't stand the heat ..."

    The Spin Me costs $35. Click here for more information.